Grist Environmental reclaims recyclable materials from all of the waste collected and processes it into useable products.

The materials are processed either by shredding, baling or screening to create a quality product which is fit for onward treatment, examples include: bales of cardboard being sent to paper mills or scrap metal bales being sold to foundries, to be made into new products.

We also sell car parts from our car breakers yard and chicken litter (for fertilising material) from the agricultural cleaning division.

Baled Commodities for sale:

  • Cardboard/Paper
  • Mixed Rigid Plastics
  • Plastic Bottles (HDPE/PET)
  • Plastic Film ((LDPE) Jazz Construction/Agricultural)
  • PP Agricultural String
  • PP Buckets
  • PP Bulk Bags
  • PP/PET Pallet Strapping
  • PVC
  • UPVC Window Frames

Other Commodities for sale:

  • Car Parts
  • Chicken Litter (fertiliser)
  • Compost
  • Damaged Repairable Cars
  • Ferrous Metals (Light Iron/Mixed Iron/Heavy Iron)
  • Glass Bottles
  • Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminium/ Stainless Steel/Copper/Brass/Bronze/Braziery/Irony Ali)
  • Used Cars
  • Vegetable Oil
  • WEEE (Microchips/Printed Circuit Boards/ Large and small domestic appliances/Batteries)

Screened Aggregates:

  • Hardcore (Concrete/brick rubble/stone)
  • Sand & Gravels (All types)
  • Scalpings
  • Soil (Screened)
  • Type 1

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