Coronavirus – COVID 19 – Last Updated: 1st June 2020

In response to the developing situation we are regularly updating our evolving policy on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our efforts are focusing on delivering continuity of service while maintaining the health and well-being of our customers, our staff and our community. Our services continue to operate as usual and all of our sites are open with additional precautions in place. Our normal telephone numbers will remain actively manned on an ongoing basis.

The health and well-being of our customers, staff and community is very important to us and therefore we are taking, and extending, necessary precautionary actions based on our monitoring of advice and guidance from the Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation (WHO). This policy will be updated in line with such advice and guidance and our own actions, procedures and preventative measures.

We have a Coronavirus team who are monitoring the situation daily and preparing and testing various action plans to implement should the government impose further containment measures.

From the end of May we have been gearing back up to more normal levels of business and we are gradually bringing more staff back to into the working environment. To ensure the continued safety of staff and customers we have carried out the following proactive measures in addition to procedures already in place:-

  1. Carried out risk assessments of each department and working area
  2. Shared the risk assessments with staff and completed the COVID-19 Secure Confirmation Certificate which is displayed on each of our sites
  3. Implemented appropriate measures to remove or reduce the risks identified to include:
    • Erected signage at site entrances, throughout offices and in commercial vehicles to give a visual reminder of the key requirements to be COVID compliant
    • Clearly marked 2 metre lines in public reception areas
    • Provided options to manage transmission risk in shared areas such as corridors, canteens, HGV cabs and smaller offices
    • Provided additional hand sanitising facilities, sanitising and cleaning procedures
    • Inductions for staff on new procedures when returning to work

Preventative Measures

  • From an early stage we communicated with our staff to ensure they are aware of the safe-guarding measures regarding recent travel from high risk countries listed on the government website and can confirm that none of our staff have travelled from these areas in recent weeks.
  • We are providing regular updates to our staff to ensure they are aware of the current advice and have installed additional signage across all of our sites encouraging good hygiene by washing hands frequently and catching coughs and sneezes in tissues (Catch It, Bin It, Kill It).
  • Our policy has changed to restrict any face to face meetings to only those essential to business continuity while requiring all staff, customers and any visitors to reduce social contact as much as possible and to not shake hands as a form of greeting.
  • Staff are minimising movement around offices, staggering break times to reduce contact in canteens and maintaining a greater physical distance from each other .
  • Where possible, if a staff member can work from home, they are working from home and to enable this we have tested our secure computer and telephone connectivity and have the mechanisms across our VPN and telephone network in place.
  • Drivers are advised to avoid / minimise contact with clients on site. Instead of signing hand held devices as proof of service we will be asking clients to give their names to the driver and the driver to sign on their behalf. Alternatively, we may take a photograph of the client’s signature and attach to the documentation.
  • Staff have had written communication to ensure they self-isolate for 7 days if they exhibit persistent coughing, a high temperature or if they have been in contact with a person testing positive for the virus and contact NHS 111 should symptoms get worse or persist.

Ongoing Monitoring

  • We have plans in place to monitor the health of our staff and we have advised all staff of the action to take should they, or a colleague, become unwell and show symptoms of the virus using the instructions provided on the Government and NHS websites and posters displaying this information has been distributed and displayed across all of our sites.
  • We will continually review and update this policy in line with advice from the Government and the health authorities throughout the duration of this situation.

Preventative Planning

  • The Emergency Business Plan has been extended to accommodate additional factors and contingencies relating to the corona virus.
  • Plans to manage operational cover in the event of a significant number of staff being unable to work are being enhanced.
  • Critical supplies have been identified and communications underway to try to minimise any disruption in our supply chain. This is primarily systems, fuel, spare parts, PPE and onward disposal outlets.

Any questions or concerns with regards to Coronavirus in relation to any of our employees or sites should be directed to:

Adam Grist, Operations Director : Tel 01380 730411

Paul Mortimer, Sales Director : Tel 01380 735050

Louise Cannon, HR Manager : Tel 01380 819250

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